Career Fields Using 3D Printing

Since archaeology mainly focuses on finding and analyzing  artifacts, 3D printing is making it easier. With 3D printing archeologists can now print damaged artifacts and can analyze it without any damage. The usage of 3D printing in archeology,  new jobs will be created to make scans of artifacts and can possibly change archeology. With this new technology the replication of ancient artifacts can be made available in all museum but with replication possible, people will probably
stop visiting museums. 

Medical Surgeons:
With the possibility of creating living organs such as kidneys, there will no longer be need of asking for donations. People can then specialize and get training in the programming of 3D printers so that they can then join the medical force to print medical organs for patients in need. More lives can be saved because they can now print things like bone marrow and hearts for that specific person.

Consumer Market:
While the consumer market is made up of products coming from all over the world, 3D printing could make it easier. Rather than have products of all types being shipped from countries 3D printing can allow people to print their own accessories. Also companies could design their products and print it based upon their own stylistic choices without waiting for a factory to create it. . If the cost is less the amount of consumers increases which ends up helping the consumer market.

Aerospace Engineering:
With the ability to create parts of rocket ships investments in buildings these parts can become very inexpensive. Recently aerospace engineers started to incorporate origami into satellite because it follows what is known as compliant mechanism. With the help of 3D printing engineers can now create new designs using a 3D printer while saving money on supplies. People can now learn how to create new programs that create origami incorporated designs for spaceships, satellites or other outer space objects to help explore space.  

While there are many developed countries in the world, there are also many developing countries. Many of these developing countries don’t have the money or resources to supply their armies or navies with the enough supplies of weapons to protect themselves. Since 3d printing can now print objects such as bullets to give to its armies. With 3D printing there could allow people who are part of the army with a job of creating weapons if ever needed for the countries.